We are happy to consider book submissions from anyone, regardless of publication history, agent, or spelling. However, one effect of this policy is that we tend to fall behind very quickly. 

 Before you send anything, please make sure you’ve looked at (and maybe even read) some of our other books. Our interests are fairly wide-ranging, but some manuscripts clearly don’t fit, so it’s best to have some idea of what we publish. Second… oh, we don’t know. Send whatever you want. We’ll probably take forever to respond, and personal replies are often impossible. We can only publish a few books each year, and our decisions are idiosyncratic and sometimes inexplicable. We feel bad about all this, and we’re continually tinkering with our system, but to some extent it’s just inevitable. 

Include some short description of the plot or contents in your cover letter. Submissions must be uploaded in the form of a PDF. Please don’t mail the physical manuscript; it’s hard for us to manage, and just seems kind of wasteful. Definitely please don’t send us anything you want returned. 

 Thanks for considering McSweeney’s. We remain, as always, very excited to read your work. 

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